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Vision / Mission

Our Vision

CAODC will be the most influential trade association in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Our Mission

CAODC will serve the interests of the Canadian drilling and service rig industry by championing their responsible stewardship and long-term sustainability.


CAODC remains true to what its founding members envisioned in 1949: to promote strong, safe and efficient operations in Canada's rig sector.


Member companies provide volunteers for CAODC's extensive committee network. These committees identify where collaboration can contribute to safer, more efficient operations.

When standards are set for safety requirements, technical equipment specifications or training standards, large and small companies are part of the discussion.

CAODC is committed to:

  1. Safety and environmental excellence in the industry.
  2. Act in the best interests of its member companies, their employees and the industry.
  3. A strong tradition of leadership and cooperation.