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Advocacy - Presentations

Jan 22 2016 Filed Under:Presentations - Presentation to Alberta MLAs This presentation was delivered to Alberta MLAs on January 22, 2016 in order to educate Alberta policymakers about the oil and gas industry.
Nov 1 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - Who's Who? Trying to figure out who's who in oil and gas production?CAODC has put together a summary of all Canadian Associations involved in oil and gas production for easy reference. Take a peek!
Oct 2 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - CAODC - Modern Rig Technician Did you know? In Canada, the Rig Technician is a Certified Red Seal Trade. Canadian Rig Technicians are among the best trained in the world. Take a peek to find out more about the modern Rig Technician.
Oct 1 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - CAODC - Modern Rig Today's modern rigs utilize sophisticated technology and generate hundreds of jobs when operational. Click through to find out more information on the modern rig.
Sep 25 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - CAODC - Cleaner Safer Technology Drilling and service rigs in Canada have come a long way over the years. Take a peek to see just a few of the ways modern rigs are cleaner and safer than rigs from the past.
Sep 23 2013 Filed Under:Presentations - Canada's Drilling Industry at a Glance Find out about Canada's drilling industry: a presentation delievered to the Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament. 
Jun 1 2013 Filed Under:Presentations - Big Country Oilmen's Association A presentation for the Big Country Oilman's Association on January 2013
Nov 1 2011 Filed Under:Presentations - Manitoba Government Members