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Tour Standard

When a tour report has a CAODC logo, you can be confident it meets the CAODC Tour Standard. 

Tour reports provide valuable data to many sectors in the upstream.

Contractors use it to manage personnel and equipment. Operators use it to review past drilling practices and design future wells. Oilfield service companies use it to refine their equipment and services. Regulatory agencies use tour reports as documents of legal record.

But rig employees are the ones who observe and record this operational data.  The tour report is firstly a rig contractor’s tool.

For several decades, Canada’s drilling fleet has followed the CAODC Tour Standard to capture field data. 

CAODC launched a similar standard for service rigs in 2013.

Having an industry standard for tour sheets means drilling data across the Canadian industry is consistent.  This consistency benefits everyone across the upstream industry.

How does CAODC management of the Tour Standard work?

CAODC does not provide tour sheet software.  Rather CAODC consults with its members to determine the required fields in a tour report and the format of each data field.

CAODC then makes the CAODC Tour Standard public. Any vendor interested in providing a tour sheet software to drilling and service rig contractors can access all the necessary specifications to ensure they meet the CAODC Tour Standard.

CAODC regularly consults with tour software vendors in case the specification ever needs adjusting to meet a technical issue.