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Service Rig Division

Benefits of joining the CAODC as a Service Rig Member  


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Service Rig Membership benefits

  • CAODC/CAPP Master Well Service Contract
    Negotiated with CAPP, the Master Well Service Contract provides the most equitable split between risk and liability, and eliminates a large portion of required legal counsel for repetitive services, permitting both parties to make minor adjustments. As such, risks are discussed ahead of any potential challenges resulting in better communication and customer relations between all parties.
  • Receive the privileges of the AB & SK Memorandum of Agreement
    The Oil and Gas Well Service Rig Permit is issued under this MOA to service rig contractors and provides regulatory provisions respecting driver license requirements and annual commercial vehicle inspections.
  • Cost Savings
    CAODC Recommended Practices ensure regulatory bodies are not imposing unfair or technically inaccurate processes and/or policies on member companies.
  • Government Relations
    Members have an anonymous yet strong voice when CAODC acts on your behalf when government makes decisions on policy that impacts your companies.
  • Advocacy
    The Oil Respect campaign has been advocating for the Canadian oil and gas industry from coast to coast. Speaking with provincial and federal governments and regular Canadians, Oil Respect addresses the misinformation and half-truths about the industry, giving oil workers and their families a voice, and letting our country know about the value our oil and gas industry brings to Canada.
  • CAODC Committees
    Members can participate in the important work done through our volunteer committees. These committees help influence how our industry moves forward.
  • Purchase CAODC Publications
    CAODC members have access to over 70 CAODC Publications. These publications are purpose-built for Canada's regulatory environment. These materials have been drafted, vetted and approved by CAODC members.
  • Training and Development
    CAODC works with training providers like ENFORM with the goal of providing relevant and tailored training options.
  • CAODC Events
    Attend a CAODC Event: Annual Luncheon and AGM, Speaker Series, and Associate Member Breakfast.
  • Stay Informed
    CAODC publishes a monthly e-newsletter, as well as a quarterly magazine called "The Hitch." Members have access to advertising and sponsorship opportunities and can stay up to date on industry news and technology.
  • Free CAODC listing in the Directory
    The annual CAODC Rig Inventory and Directory is published each fall.