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May 27 2013 Filed Under:Press Releases - CAODC Revises 2013 Forecast
Apr 16 2013 Filed Under:Articles - CAODC Spotlights Derrickhands and Service Rig Managers in CTV Ads [Published in The Roughneck] 'Spokesperson’ isn’t a typical job descriptor for a member of a rig crew. But that’s just the role Nathan Helka, a derrickhand from Horizon Drilling’s rig 5 and Chris Carriere, the...
Apr 1 2013 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - April 2013 This year, over 2 700 drillers and rig managers were nominated for a 2013 Safety Award. Today's rig crews are working safer than ever.
Apr 1 2013 Filed Under:Articles - A Decade of Safety Improvement on the Rigs It takes just one to drive change and leave a positive legacy in the world.  And this is true for an industry’s safety culture: it’s an attitude, a culture, and one person has the power to influence it. In...