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Feb 7 2014 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Alberta Radio Ad: Feb On the rigs, it's not heavy iron that gets the job done.  Teamwork does!
Jan 27 2014 Filed Under:Articles - Technical Leap [Published in The Roughneck]"Rig 3. It was a conventional drilling rig. We drilled vertical wells east of Red Deer. We used spinning chain. The rig had one little c250 pump."Brian Krausert, the President of Beaver...
Jan 15 2014 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Jan Rig employees are busiest when cold weather sets in.  Working outdoors through the winter isn’t exactly a job perk.  So what’s driving the individuals who choose a rig career path?
Dec 2 2013 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Alberta Radio Ad: Dec The surprising piece of gear that's critical to a rig worker's safety....
Nov 30 2013 Filed Under:Articles - Service Rigs and the Long Reach Well [Published in The Roughneck] The service rig industry is feeling optimistic, and this confident outlook has everything to do with the recent dominance of long-reach horizontal wells in Canada.Rig activity is typically...
Nov 13 2013 Filed Under:Press Releases - CAODC 2014 Drilling Activity Forecast
Nov 4 2013 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Alberta Radio Ad: Nov Did you know you can spot for a Canadian rig worker just by how he suits up for a day on the job?