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Nov 1 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - Who's Who? Trying to figure out who's who in oil and gas production?CAODC has put together a summary of all Canadian Associations involved in oil and gas production for easy reference. Take a peek!
Oct 2 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - CAODC - Modern Rig Technician Did you know? In Canada, the Rig Technician is a Certified Red Seal Trade. Canadian Rig Technicians are among the best trained in the world. Take a peek to find out more about the modern Rig Technician.
Oct 1 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - CAODC - Modern Rig Today's modern rigs utilize sophisticated technology and generate hundreds of jobs when operational. Click through to find out more information on the modern rig.
Sep 25 2015 Filed Under:Presentations - CAODC - Cleaner Safer Technology Drilling and service rigs in Canada have come a long way over the years. Take a peek to see just a few of the ways modern rigs are cleaner and safer than rigs from the past.
Jun 15 2015 Filed Under:Press Releases - Canadian Oil Drillers Revise Forecast amid Sustained Economic Pressure Decrease in operating days nearly 50% of 2014 levels;Over 25,000 jobs threatenedCALGARY, AB: The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) has once again revised its drilling forecast amid continued...
Feb 4 2015 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - February 2015 CAODC members collaborate to make Canada's rig industry one of the most sophisticated in the world. (repost from July 2012)
Jan 22 2015 Filed Under:Press Releases - Oil Drillers Buckling In as Prices Decline 41% drop in operating days projected;Up to 23,000 jobs threatened CALGARY, AB: The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) issued an updated drilling activity forecast today reflecting the...