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Mar 1 2012 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - March 2012 The rigs have a history of big personalities taking big risks. You might be surprised to learn that’s not the case today…
Feb 1 2012 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Feb 2012 Canada’s rig fleet will drill over 12 000 wells this year. This industry has a bright future and the rewards start with your first day. Hear it directly from those who chose a rig career path.
Jan 1 2012 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Jan 2012 Rig employees are busiest when cold weather sets in. Working outdoors through the winter isn’t exactly a job perk. So what’s driving the individuals who choose a rig career path?
Dec 1 2011 Filed Under:Articles - Time to Man Up (published in Oilweek) This winter, the heaviest workload will fall not to the leasesite or wellsite. Rather, in the months ahead, personnel departments will shoulder the weightiest task: staffing rigs.The shortage of...
Dec 1 2011 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Dec 2011 You wouldn't step on a rig floor without a hard hat. Don't step on a gas pedal without your seat belt!
Nov 1 2011 Filed Under:Radio Campaigns - Nov 2011 Western Canada has over 200,000 oil and gas wells. These wells can have a production life of up to 50 years. Have you ever wondered who maintains them? Service rig crews do.