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Year 3 for the CAODC Fall Conference

Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013

[Published in The Roughneck]    As regular as bright June evenings and January cold snaps, drilling and service rigs have an annual pattern.  When rigs go to work… when field employees train… when companies hire…. It can all be plotted on a calendar with familiar seasonality.  It’s been this way for decades.  It’s why the rigs were such a good fit with the farming community in generations past.  Once harvest was done, many ready hands were available to swing tongs.  And that was just the time of year when the rigs needed the extra help.

The industry has changed since those days.  For one, the farming community has dwindled, and the industry has to explore different avenues for its winter workforce.  But also, today’s regulatory standards require greater diligence.  Keeping up with changes in legislation is a critical part of a contractor’s business.

Each fall, CAODC members are all asking the same questions about recent changes to regulation.  And finding answers to those questions is some extra help CAODC can provide.   

Fall is the right time of year for CAODC to connect members with provincial regulators.  It helps rig contractors find their answers.  It helps regulators share their message about what industry is doing well and where they believe industry could improve.

By connecting provincial regulators directly with CAODC members, everyone is better prepared for winter operations.
With this in mind, CAODC hosted the first Fall Conference in 2011.  Day 1 of the conference was in Red Deer, tailored for a service rig audience.  Day 2 was in Nisku, tailored for drilling members. 

The success of that 2011 conference has since made it an annual function.  The 2012 Fall Conference followed the same format, and CAODC is now planning for the 2013 event.

The CAODC 2013 Fall Conference: Sept 11 and 12

In the fall, everyone wants to be up-to-date on the same topics.  What are regulators flagging as current concerns?   Have there been incidents that we should be considering as we review our safety policies? How does the industry’s safety record look this year anyway?  Are we compliant in all the ways we should be?

This year, CAODC will host presenters from each of the four western provinces.  

Conference delegates will hear from representatives with AB Employment and Immigration, AB Transportation, AB Justice, AB Energy Regulator, McLellan Ross LLP and Enform. 

Coming from out of province will be WorkSafeBC, SK Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, SK Ministry of Energy and Resources, MB Infrastructure and Transportation and MB Ministry of Innovation, Energy and Mines.

The service rig program will be in Red Deer on Wednesday, September 11.

The drilling program will take place in Nisku on Thursday, September 12.

As in years past, the conference will be two days packed with insight to help rig contractors prepare for the winter.

Red Deer Oil and Gas Expo

In addition to the conference, CAODC encourages members to stop by at Red Deer’s oil and gas show, running that same week at the Westerner. 

Red Deer is a central point between the drilling field offices of Nisku and the head offices in Calgary, and also the location for many service rig contractors.  Red Deer is where CAODC’s Service Rig Executive Committee meets each month.

The mandate of the Red Deer Oil and Gas Expo is to highlight the important role oil and gas plays in Red Deer and how its economic success contributes to Alberta.  

Get Signed Up!

CAODC will live-tweet this year’s conference. (On September 11 and 12, watch for the hashtag #allrigrelevant.)  But the best way to get the full scope of the presentations is to make space in your schedule.

Program and registration details for the third annual CAODC Fall Conference will be posted to CAODC’s Events Calendar at the end of July.