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CAODC Spotlights Derrickhands and Service Rig Managers in CTV Ads

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013

[Published in The Roughneck] 'Spokesperson’ isn’t a typical job descriptor for a member of a rig crew. 

But that’s just the role Nathan Helka, a derrickhand from Horizon Drilling’s rig 5 and Chris Carriere, the rig manager of Armor Well Servicing’s rig 101, found themselves in when CAODC and CTV2 showed up at their rigs in January.

The CAODC-CTV2 venture was decided on last fall.  CAODC agreed to partner with CTV2 and participate in the television station’s Career Connectors project.  CTV2 developed the project to help Alberta industries get their message out about job opportunities:  CTV2 provides expertise to produce the commercial; the industry partner covers airtime costs.   The CAODC ads played on channel 9 in Edmonton and channel 13 in Calgary over a six-week period.

Horizon Rig 5 in the CTV2 Career Connector Ad

It was an opportunity that fit with CAODC’s mandate for public outreach about the rig industry’s professional workforce, and CAODC was able to secure funding through the sponsorship dollars raised at  last November’s CAODC Associate Member Breakfast.

When CAODC signed on to the project, Career Connectors had yet to profile any oil and gas careers, a surprising fact given the prevalence of the industry in Alberta and the wide range of oilfield occupations.

CAODC agreed to build two commercials – one to showcase the drilling rig’s derrickhand and one to showcase a rig manager for a service rig.

CAODC didn’t want the ads to be about swinging tongs.  Instead, the commercials offer an idea of the workdays of more experienced crewmembers.

Other criteria CAODC had in mind for the commercials: it was important that the filming took place when snow was on the ground.   Showcasing winter operations sends a realistic message about the weather conditions a rig crew is typically exposed to.  And discussions with the CTV2 producer focused on how to show aspects of rig work that aren’t often highlighted.  For example, high priority shots included some looking up to the monkeyboard from the rig floor and a clip of the view from the monkeyboard.

The drilling commercial was filmed outside of Hinton, where Horizon rig 5 was working for Mosaic Energy.  The service rig commercial was filmed in Red Deer, the day after the crew of Armor Well Servicing Rig 101 had completed a job.  The fact that the rig wasn’t operating at a wellsite made it possible to get shots of the service rig in convoy on the highway. 

The commercials also relay the importance of teamwork on both types of rigs.

This message came through due to the great responses from Carriere and Helka.  (Neither commercial was scripted.  The voice-overs were recorded in straightforward interview style.)  In the drilling commercial, Helka notes how trust in your crew contributes to your confidence in the safety of the job site.  The last line of the service rig commercial is Carriere’s comment about the job satisfaction for the crew when a client has positive feedback about the quality of the crew’s work.   

The hope is that the next time the CTV2 audience sees a video clip of a roughneck on a rig floor, they’ll remember the commercial and think about the rest of the team too.

The 2-minute versions of the ads are posted to CAODC’s main website – www.caodc.ca – and to its employment websites: ServiceRigDrive.ca and RigTech.ca.  CTV2 also has the ad posted to its Career Connectors site.

Thank you to the CAODC Members who provided support for the Career Connectors project:

Horizon Drilling Ltd.   
- Paul Donahue
- Chad MacDonald
- Crew of Horizon Rig 5, and especially Nathan Helka

Mosaic Energy

Armor Well Servicing Ltd.
- Eric Wickberg
- Crew of Armor Well Servicing Rig 101, and especially Chris Carriere


Funding support for the CTV2 project was provided by sponsors of CAODC's Associate Member Breakfast:

ATB Corporate Financial Services
Hyduke Energy Services Inc.
Savanna Energy Services Corp.
Nexen Inc.
Katch Kan Ltd.
Pason Systems Corp.