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CAODC’s Board of Directors and Executive Committees are made up of senior representatives from drilling and service rig companies.

The members of CAODC's drilling and service rig divisions elect representatives to the Board and Executive Committees each March. Directors and executive committee members serve for two years.

CAODC strives for balance on these committees by seeking nominees from large, mid-size and small companies.



CAODC's 2016/17 Board of Directors


Lyle Whitmarsh (Chairman) — Trinidad Drilling Ltd.

Alex MacAusland (Vice Chairman) — Horizon Drilling, a division of Western Energy Services Corp.

Mark A. Scholz (Secretary-Treasurer) — Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors


Duane Carol (Chair, Drilling Executive Committee) — DC Drilling Inc.

Rick Harrison (Chair, Service Rig Executive Committee)  — Eagle Well Servicing, a division of Western Production Services Corp.

Duncan Au — CWC Well Services, a division of CWC Energy Services Corp.

Tom Connors — Ensign Drilling

Scott Darling - Rearden Well Servicing Ltd.

Darcy Falardeau — Precision Well Servicing, a division of Precision LP

Kirk Grimes — Grimes Well Servicing Ltd.

Jason Hemsing - Bonanza Drilling Inc.

Kevin Krausert — Beaver Drilling Ltd.

Dave Malone — Rezone Well Servicing Ltd.

George McHardy — Nabors Drilling

Ross Pickering - Precision Drilling, a division of Precision Drilling Canada LP

Don Rae - Crusader Drilling Corp.

Brad Rowbotham — Roll’n Oilfield Industries Ltd.

Karl Ruud — AKITA Drilling Ltd.

Colin Scott - Patterson-UTI Drilling Canada Limited

Chris Strong - Savanna Drilling

Bryan Toth — Ensign Well Servicing