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Daily Drilling Rig Counts

Detailed daily drilling rig counts are available through a RigData Subscription.

Already a subscriber? Click the RigData button on the right hand side of the screen to access Daily RAW Drilling Rig Reports (this button will only be visible if you are logged onto the CAODC site).


RigData Subscription:

  • CAODC's Daily RigData RAW Drilling Report is the most up-to-date drilling report available.
  • CAODC drilling contractors report directly to the CAODC between 7am and noon Monday through Friday. The reports are immediately accessible to subscribers to download as a csv file.
  • Download the RigData csv file to narrow your search further by contractor, operator, location (DLS, NTS, Lat/Long), UWI, Province location, job number, rig status, and much more!
  • RigData Subscriptions come with an unlimited amount of username log-ins. This allows your entire company to download and analyze daily drilling rig RAW reports without worrying about individual workstation costs.

Daily RigData drilling reports include the following information:

• Drilling Rig Contractor • Drilling Rig Contractor's rig number
• Job Number• Rig's status (drilling, moving, down)
• Operator• Location 
• UWI• Province / PSAC area
• License number • Spud date and time
• Rig release date & time• Tight hole notification
• Product*  (oil, gas)• Well type* (directional, horizontal, vertical, slant)
 *Optional reporting by Contractors

 Sample a Daily Drilling Rig RAW Report: February 9, 2015