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Associate Membership

Benefits of joining the CAODC as an Associate Member

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Associate Membership benefits

  • Network at CAODC Events
    Only registered and approved CAODC members are eligible to attend CAODC Events. Speaker Series, Annual Luncheon, and Associate Member Breakfast are just some of the events Associate Members are invited to attend and interact with other CAODC members.
  • Advertise with CAODC at a Discounted Rate
    CAODC offers a wide array of plaltforms for targeted exposure. Whether it's advertising in our magazine, online newsletter, or annual Rig Inventory, or securing a sponsorship package for an event or Oil Respect podcast, there are several opportunities to get involved. CAODC advertising puts your message in front of key decision makers inside the indusry.
  • Gain Access to Industry Data
    CAODC's RigData database provides consistent activity data and streamlines reporting for members. RigData subscriptions are offered to Associate Members at a discounted rate, and provide information on operating hours, daily rig activity, and more.
  • Purchase CAODC Publications
    CAODC Associate Members have access to over 70 CAODC Publications.
  • Receive Advance Copies of CAODC Press Releases
    CAODC Associate Members receive advance notice of CAODC press releases. As an Associate Member, you will have, on your desk, rig utilization forecasts even before news organizations.
  • Free CAODC listing in the Directory
    The annual CAODC Rig Inventory and Directory is published each fall.
  • Advocacy
    The Oil Respect campaign has been advocating for workers and families in the Canadian oil and gas industry from coast to coast. Speaking with provincial and federal governments and regular Canadians, Oil Respect has been addressing the misinformation and half-truths about the industry, giving oil workers and their families a voice, and letting our country know about the value our oil and gas industry brings to Canada.