Looking for rig work?

  • Help us Defend Canadian Oil & Gas

     How can you help?

    • Like Oil Respect on Facebook; follow us on Twitter and on Instagram
    • Sign the four online petitions on the oil respect site
    • Email and mail your MP and MLA
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  • 1 Active Rig = 135 Jobs

    This economic impact includes:

    • jobs directly at the rig
    • jobs in oilfield support services
    • jobs in rural communities near oil and gas activity
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  • Rig Companies Provide Services to E&P Companies

    Exploration & Production companies contract drilling rigs to explore new basins or construct new wells.

    They contract service rigs to bring wells into production or to repair them.

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  • Daily rig count for May 23, 2016: 38 rigs drilling

    How does this week compare to years in the past?

    • 2016 has 38 rigs drilling
    • 2015 had 96 rigs drilling
    • 2014 had 165 rigs drilling
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